It's Time To Switch To Digital Greens Charting For Better Golf Plays


Knowing what a green is like on a golf course is essential for making a successful play, and the greens book is a handy way to keep information about all of the greens on a course. The numbers in these books, for measurements and slope direction, have been manually charted for years. Now, however, there are digital devices that do the measurements for you, after which you'd write the numbers in a greens book.

More Accurate Boundaries and Feature Locations

Measuring greens is an art, but sometimes you want specific numbers that may not be that artsy in their acquisition. A digital greens charting device can give you better numbers and other information that you might only be able to estimate by sight. The digital devices are also good if you want to double-check your manual charting skills.

No Worries About Ruining Your Greens Book

If you drop your greens book right onto the green when the grass is wet, smudged numbers and dirt stuck on the pages is definitely a risk. With a digital device, though, rain is less of an issue. These devices are made for outdoor use, with good weather resistance that allows you to use the device even when greens are wet. You don't want to submerge the devices in coffee, obviously, but if you drop it on wet greens, just wipe it off. The same can't always be said for a paper greens book that ends up with smudged markings from dew. And if you drop and ruin the greens book after you've recorded the numbers, you can easily make a new copy from the stored data.

Where Manual Readings May Still Be a Good Idea

Depending on the rules you're playing under, digital greens devices may either not be allowed or be allowed only in certain circumstances. For example, in 2019, the U.S. Golf Association issued new rules that restricted (and sometimes prohibited) the use of digital greens reading devices during certain games and plays. For these times, you'd still want to create your paper greens book manually because you don't want to go into a highly competitive golf game without any information about what the greens on the course are like. And, being able to chart and read greens manually is a skill you shouldn't lose.

That being said, digital greens charting is easy and a lot faster than manual charting. You can choose from a number of devices, and finding one that seems more intuitive to you doesn't take that long at all.

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9 January 2023

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